【Easy to smoke】How to make smoked chicken wings


Today, I will tell you how to make simple smoked food in the kitchen with “one-handed pan with lid, Daiso net, aluminum foil and cassette stove”.

Even if you don’t have the same items, I would be happy if you could share the image and make it at home.

The stove in my kitchen automatically stops when the sensor reaches a certain temperature, so I will use a cassette stove this time.

You can do it with IH, but in that case, make it with an IH-compatible one-handed pan.


Easy smoking method to make with one-handed pan.

Use a 20 cm one-handed pot (about 800 yen at that time) bought from Amazon, an 18 cm net bought from Daiso, a suitable pot lid, and aluminum foil.

The one-handed pan is heated with a cassette stove for 3 minutes or more to emit smoke from the smoke chips, which makes Teflon processing useless.

Therefore, please use a cheap one or a used one-handed pot.


When smoking meat or fish, if fat or juice comes out and falls on the smoked chips, it will have an indescribable smell and acidity, and it will not be delicious.

So, cover the smoked chips with aluminum foil that is shaped like a plate for receiving juice. (Super important)

Place the net and ingredients on the aluminum foil that was used as a saucer, and install it so that it does not come in contact with the smoke chips.

If the smoke tip and the net are close to each other, place a rolled piece of aluminum foil to take the height.

You can smoke by gently covering with aluminum foil and closing the lid to prevent smoke leakage.

Sometimes I don’t know until I do it a few times, but I think it’s easier to take on the challenge.


How to make smoked juicy chicken wings (smoked chicken)

I made smoked chicken wings for lunch and ate it, so I will write how to make it.

If you keep the points down, it won’t burn easily, so you can quickly make a nice smoked chicken with a little snack.


The trick to avoid smoking when smoking while cooking is to return the meat to “normal temperature” instead of smoking it immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator.

I used salt for the seasoning this time, but you can smoke the chicken wings that have been soaked in “mentsuyu”.

If you want the taste to soak in well, make a hole with a fork and then rub in the salt.

It’s an image of steaming with smoke, so be careful not to let the smoke leak.

This time I made it slowly for about 30 minutes, but I wonder if I could finish it faster by increasing the heat a little more.

Actually, after smoking, it is better to take a rest to calm the smoke, but when you try for the first time, you will want to try it immediately.

Try to bite it, and if it is raw, wrap it in aluminum foil with a toaster and bake it.

If the taste is light, try sprinkling with seasoned salt and pepper.

You may feel a little sour because you haven’t wiped off the water coming out of the meat during smoking.

If you’re curious, open it in about 10 minutes and wipe off the water on the surface of the meat with kitchen paper.

Did you get it?

Smoked is a low-calorie cooking method that does not use oil and is similar to steaming.

By smoking with smoke, the surface of the meat is baked so that the gravy does not come out, so you can smoke very juicy chicken wings.

Sometimes such snacks are good, right?

It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it, so if you’d like, give it a try.

Thank you for reading this far.

I’m making a lot of other things, so please check it out!

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